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Arca Immobiliare
di Melani G. e C.
Via Indipendenza, 10
Montefiascone (VT)
Tel: 0761 826666

Fax: 0761 830499


Our Agency, with an experience of over 30 years in real estate, everything included at a cost of 2% for buy and sell and a 5% for renting offers following services:
  • Composition of contract: buy and sell, letting, privat contract etc.;
  • Estimations, certifications of urban destination, inspection of landregister and mortgages;
  • Estimate of notary and any other cost necessary for finalizing contract;
  • Preparation notary contracts until to effective conclusion of operation;
  • Mortgage.


Payment at request of:

  • Succession by inheritance and transfers;
  • Partition, registration of contract and projection;
  • Inspection of mortgage register;
  • Estimation .
Moreover our Agency offers a team of artisan-firms, experts in restoration, computes free of charge metric measures and estimation of cost for restoration and completion before or after acquisition of project.
Supervision of work included.